Thursday, January 24, 2008

THE most random story...12.23

when we were opening presents at aunt ann's house, jim didn't have a present from my mom. my mom was so upset because she knew she brought it to louisiana with her. she just gave jim some $$ and told him to go get himself the cologne she had gotten him. but, she was still confused as to what had happened to the cologne. then later, as i was loading the car in aunt ann's garage, i was putting stuff in the car, and then, when i came back with the next load, the original stuff was gone! follow that?!? so sarah's prized possession at the time, a purse that she got from miss emilee the last day of preschool, was missing! i came inside and told aunt ann and uncle chip what had happened, and mentioned that a dog had been in their garage too. aunt ann and uncle chip immediately got SO MAD! apparently, their neighbor's dog is A THIEF!!! so, uncle chip and most of the men go chase down the dog to get sarah's purse. while they were looking for the purse, they found jim's cologne! the dog had stolen the cologne when my dad was unloading their car earlier in the day! how random!?! so, the neighbor who owns the dog came over and apologized profusely. and then she brought sarah a replacement purse from her daughter's collection! so, now sarah has a new, hand-me down favorite purse! isn't that a totally random story?!?

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