Monday, February 4, 2008

sarah's first trip to the dentist...1.9

i took sarah to her very first dentist appointment on january 9th! first, mimi came over to watch drew and brought a few dentist books to read to sarah. sarah was excited about half the storytime and, then she would get scared about something in the book...while driving to the dentist, sarah seemed pretty calm about the whole thing. we kept talking about how a dentist had already been to her classroom this year to discuss dental health and talk about what a dentist does.
dr. barton, our family dentist and friend, has a cute little "kids' only" waiting room...sarah initially thought that going to the dentist was AWESOME!!!
my normal hygenist took care of sarah...she was so patient and sweet! when i was ready to wring sarah's neck, she was still so nice!!!

overall, the dentist adventure went pretty well. sarah did really well for the hygenist...until she only let her clean about 3 of her teeth. but, by that point, we had been at the dentist about 10 minutes in the waiting room, and 20 minutes in the exam chair...that's a long time for a sqwirmy wormy 3.25 year old! she pretty much lost it when dr. barton tried to examine her mouth and teeth. and once sarah gets started, there is really no calming her down...drama drama queen!!! of course, now when she talks about the dentist, she says she was so brave and had so much fun! go figure!!!

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