Tuesday, March 4, 2008

the bibbidi bobbidi boutique!!! 2.22

when we entered the bbb, all of the princess gowns, crowns, and shoes were displayed for the girls to chose from...sarah immediately chose the pink dress (HUGE SURPRISE!!!) and the purple flip flops (again, a shocker!). she wanted to put the teeny tiny flip flops on NOW!!! we were given a pager to let us know when it was our turn...the pager was so cute! the fairy godmother talked to sarah when it was our time! the place was also so precious because everyone referred to sarah as "princess sarah" the whole time we were there!!!
the "fairy godmother in training" led us to sarah's dressing room where sarah had to say the magic words to make her clothes appear behind the curtain...BIBBIDI BOBBIDI BOO!!!

i have NEVER seen such pampering in my whole life!!! sarah had TWO attendants the whole time. the girl who did sarah's hair worked on it for 45 minutes...seriously!!! i felt like sarah was getting ready for the oscars or something :)
sarah got to pick all of her makeup colors and her fingernail polish color...again, surprising that she picked all pinks and purples...she also got to choose her tiara and disney barrette for the back of her bun. the girl LOVES to make the decisions!!!
you need to click on the below pic so you can really see her facial expression...it was priceless! they had her close her eyes for the "big reveal" and when she opened her eyes she looked so mad!!!

sarah and her "fairy godmothers in training"...

after the bbb, we headed over to the exhibition hall for sarah's "photo shoot". it was hilarious! she really thought she was somethin' else!!!

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