Tuesday, March 4, 2008

breakiing news!!!

guess what?!? around 12:30 today, as all 250 of us were sitting in the juror room wondering when we were going to get a lunch break, the commissioner came in. he first said that we weren't getting a lunch break today. then he announced that all the cases on the docket for this week had settled and we were FREE TO GO FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK!!! yipee! quite amazing from what i hear of others! next week is a conference for all of the judges in shelby county, so the courts are closed. i think that this week is kinda like the last week of school...relatively speaking. don't open any new cans of worms til the new year starts! so, i really lucked out! i was able to get ALL the way back to germantown in time to get the kids from preschool! in typical fashion, sarah was MAD that i picked her up from school because she thought daddy was going to!!!

so, i made a huge dent in disney picture-posting...and then i was released! and i don't have to serve again until after i turn the big 4-0!!! that makes it sound A LOT further away than just saying its 10 years from now!

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