Tuesday, March 4, 2008

evening of day two...hanging at our resort...2.22

when we found out that the magic kingdom was having a "princess and pirate party" on friday night of our trip...that cost an additional $44.95 PER PERSON to attend...to basically do the same thing you can do for "free" any other night...we decided to have dinner at the whispering canyon cafe in the wilderness lodge...attached to the villas. again, the kids took long naps on friday...when we got up from sleeping, we headed to dinner. this restaurant was great! very high energy and entertaining for the kids.
sarah was called over with a gaggle of girls to serenade a little boy for his birthday...i was so surprised she went by herself!!!
sarah also participated in a wooden pony race...and got a certificate to prove it!

we also chose tonight to start celebrating drew's 2nd birthday! he was serenaded as well and given a yummy dessert!

once the kids were through eating, a PRECIOUS employee named lena played with them. the kids had a blast running around looking for "monsters"...
drew standing on the bridge in the lobby yelling, "AHHHHHHHH!!!!"

after dinner we sent a very tired mimi and poppy back to the room and the rest of us headed out for a little more adventure. we decided to ride the boat around for a while. the kids LOVED the boat!

thus ended another fun-filled day at disneyworld! the kids were in bed by 11:30 that night! another woodard record!!!

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