Wednesday, March 5, 2008

a few final pics...from mimi's camera...disneyworld

while mimi, sarah, and mommy were eating with the princesses, poppy, daddy, and drew met a few characters...

the whispering canyon cafe had this awesome table set up in the lobby to keep the kids kids were mesmerized watching the bigger kids build huge log cabins!
mimi, drew, and daddy outside magic kingdom...
drew, daddy, and poppy at the wilderness lodge...i think...possibly the animal kingdom?!?

mommy and the kids in animal kingdom with the tree of life in the background

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Courtney said...

random...came across your blog from jen in sd (amazing trips) and saw your pics. we are contemplating a trip to disney maybe next year (will have a 3 and 2 year old then) and was curious if you did a package deal or what and where you got it, and if you wouldn't mind how much did it all cost...can i ask that? sorry if that is rude!? if you don't want you certainly dont' have to answer any of my questions and you can send it to my email so the whole world doesn't have to know...thanks and sorry for the intrusion...(