Thursday, March 13, 2008

our real live snow day!!! 3.07

well, we didn't believe the never snows in memphis! but, it really happened this time! we had 6 inches! it was so pretty and so much fun for the kids!!!

the kids really enjoyed the snow for about 10 minutes. then they were too cold. it was pretty miserable out was still snowing pretty hard and windy. so, we went inside, dried off, popped some popcorn, lit the fire, and pulled out the sleeper sofa to watch cinderella! i think the kids were more impressed with the "after-party" that the main event!!!


Anonymous said...

Snow . . . popcorn . . . pull-out sofa bed . . . good movie . . . priceless!!! We had many times like these in Colorado too! Glad God provided some beautiful weather for you all to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

OK, my bad, I wrote the above message too! OOPS!
Aunt Jodie

Anonymous said...

The new layout is very pretty! You are the blogging QUEEN!! Do you have a "blogging class" I can sign up for? I am so ashamed...I never do it and need to!!!

Love the Disney pictures! Miss ya'll!