Tuesday, April 15, 2008

nicholas's 4th birthday party...3.28

the kids and i went to nana and pop pop's house to celebrate nicholas's 4th birthday with nicholas, aunt becky, and uncle paul. when it was time for nicholas to open his presents, the kids sat on the ottoman together like little statues to watch him. what?!? my kids never sit still! well, except for when sarah tried to pick up drew by herself...that was loads of fun for drew, huh?
the birthday boy digging into his gifts!!!
sarah showing off her musical skills on the keyboard...
interpretation services provided free of charge: sarah is singing "this is the day" in the video below.

p.s. daddy was on the golf course during the birthday party. apparently, he was "making business connections" with some uppity ups at a bank. nice. but, a huge storm blew in that morning, and he ended up meeting us at home when we got back from the party.

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