Tuesday, April 8, 2008

playing outside at g.g.'s house...3.17

for our spring break, the kids, mimi, and i headed to franklinton to see all our family. the weather was really nice and the kids got to spend lots of time outdoors. i think we hid and found easter eggs a hundred times! and the kids weren't picky. they could watch us toss them out, and then eagerly run to put them in their baskets! we also enjoyed some time on papa's golf cart. more pics of our visit to louisiana to come...

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Anonymous said...

Well, Kelly, I am a little upset that people are hassling you because you haven't put pictures on your blog in a while. Don't they know you have a lot to do these days???
Anyway, I think whatever you post whenever is just happiness, so W-E (that's WHATEVER!) to the meanies!!!
Thanks for the view into your world!
Aunt Jodie