Saturday, May 10, 2008

drew's 2nd wheel day 2008...4.24

drew's class has one or two children who only attend school on tuesday or thursday, so the kids who go both days got to enjoy wheel day twice!!! as you can see from the pictures, the kids weren't really into "riding" on thursday...preferring to play with the "little einsteins" on ella's push toy instead. the kids still had a blast outside, and of course enjoyed their popsicles again!!!

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Anonymous said...

Just curious - the title says "Tim, Kelly, Sarah, Drew, Maggie & Molly" and I'm just not seeing much of Maggie & Molly. We dog lovers want to see them too, every once in a while!!!!!
Glad Drew happied up at school. Maybe they should give Obama and Hillary each a popsicle and tell them to CHILL!!!
Aunt Jodie