Friday, May 30, 2008

sarah's dance recital...5.23

the big day of the dance recital was FINALLY upon us...sarah endured her hair rollers again...

we forced her to eat a little something before we left...she was quite grumpy from being woken up from her nap...

nana, pop pop, mimi, and poppy all got to come to the recital along with mommy and daddy to cheer on our little ballerina!!!
before the recital...mommy and daddy gave her her very first roses...

a few pictures of sarah and her favorite friend cute are they?!?

after the recital (which was a camera/video recorder/cell phone free environment) mimi, poppy, sarah, daddy, and mommy went to TCBY for a treat! pop pop and nana had to leave after the recital...once we got home, sarah was a little wound up to say the least! she kept us entertained with her antics for a good hour before we made her get in bed! she was a worn out little girl!!!
i did order a video of the recital since we weren't allowed to take pics or video ourselves. it was pretty hilarious! at one point, sarah got her paper stuck to her foot and took a while to get it off while her class continued on with the dance. (each child dances on a sheet of paper with their name on it to keep them in place!) she got VERY into a few of the moves...and got a little distracted a few other times! overall, it was an excellent first dance recital! even if mommy almost had a nervous breakdown :)

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little ballerina!
Lots of good pics posted lately, Kelly, thanks!!!
Aunt Jodie