Monday, May 19, 2008

spending time with the york's...5.8 and 5.9

griffin came home from school with us on thursday afternoon. the kids thought it was such a treat to have a friend over without his mom being there. sarah and griffin got cozy on the couch watching tv and enjoying their snacks. note griffin is wearing a backpack while relaxing... the next morning, we loaded all the kids up in mary's suburban and headed to the zoo! we got to the gate of the zoo (which drew calls the "castle") and the line of cars to go in was crazy long! we had to park in a field and hike over to the actual zoo. when we were entering, we asked what in the world was going on at the zoo that day?!? the lady said that 5,000 school kids were coming that day!!! yikes! well, it ended up that except for having to park in outer mongolia, it really wasn't too much more crowded than normal. the kids really had fun together...well, sarah, griffin, and ava did. sweet little drew stayed in the back chair of the double stroller THE WHOLE TIME. i have NO idea where that came from...he didn't even get out of his seat while we ate lunch. he was just perfectly content being pushed around and taking it all in. NOT typical drew behavior, but we certainly appreciated only having 3 kids running wild instead of 4!!! we even stopped for sonic treats on our way home! it was a great day!!!

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