Thursday, June 5, 2008

just a few thoughts...

+we had our ultrasound this morning! we found out we are having a healthy baby boy! i was so surprised! i was SO sick with sarah, and i was SO sick with this baby, that i was sure it was a girl! all the measurements and pictures showed a good heart with 4 chambers, two of all the organs you are supposed to have, etc!

+sarah is so confused about having a baby brother (again)! she apparently thinks that you can't have 2 brothers...she keeps saying, "i already have a little brother!"

+tim is thrilled that he only has to pay for one wedding some day!

+sarah is taking swimming lessons this week. she is really enjoying them this year! a little less fear than last year. she told me that she jumped in "all by myself" today!

+every day when we drive up to swim lessons (at miss aggie's house), drew says, "almost there...g.g.'s house!". poor baby...he thinks we are saying g.g. instead of aggie.

+sarah and drew are obsessed with the movie Shrek right now...cute that my kids actually like a movie that i can tolerate...not so cute that my kids are singing along to "she was looking kinda dumb with her finger and her thumb in the shape of an "L" on her forehead"!

+you know its summertime when your neighbor doesn't start cutting his grass until AFTER you put your kids down :)

+i finally like the taste of diet coke coke has been my addiction for as long as i can remember (well, since college) and it tasted GROSS for the first 17ish weeks of this pregnancy. i am so happy to have my friend back!!!

+we don't have a boy named picked out for this baby yet...for me, this is pretty crazy. i've had names picked out since middle school (including using sarah and drew) and i am a big planner. the problem came in when tim didn't want to discuss names until we knew if we were picking a boy or girl name.

+tomorrow i am having a spa day!!! tim is playing in a 3 day golf tournament next he is trying to butter me up in advance! he is taking off work to keep the kids, and i am spending the day at gould's! sweet!

+for weeks, when you asked drew how to spell his name, he said, "D-R-A-R-A-H". sweet thing thought his name MUST be like big sissy's! finally, he is spelling it correctly. the other funny thing about this...every time he spells his name, he looks down at his shirt and points out the "letters". i know i put my kids in monogrammed shirts a lot, but...

+last week drew hurt his ankle, and we ended up at an orthopedist's office which happened to be at a hospital. when we were going to the hospital, sarah asked repeatedly if we were going to the hospital to "get my little sister". (by the way, drew is fine--no fractures! boys!)

+today when we came home from the ultrasound appointment, sarah was mad at us that we didn't bring the baby home with us! apparently, this is a HARD concept!!!

+i can count on ONE hand all the movies i've seen in a theater since i've had kids...this week alone i have been to the movie theater 3 times! i saw sex in the city with tim, and what happens in vegas with mary, and then took the kids to see flushed the last one doesn't really count, but i still had movie theater diet coke and popcorn 3 times!!! wow!

+okay, i think i've rattled on long enough...thanks for reading!


Karen said...

Hooray for baby boys! I really want another baby boy!

Anonymous said...

We are so happy for you all! AND, we love hearing your words, as always. Thanks for sharing with us!!!
Aunt Jodie