Thursday, June 12, 2008

touch a truck...5.31

the city of germantown hosted a "touch a truck" day on may 31st. they had a couple of fire trucks, a dump truck, a back hoe, a street sweeper, an ambulance, etc for the kids to crawl all over! and the kids were allowed to push the was a loud day! the kids enjoyed walking around for a while, but then got super hot and cranky. so, we headed out after about an hour...but not without snapping these pics!!! oh, the pic of drew and the seat belt...he was completely consumed with getting the seat belt on in EVERY truck he sat in. thankfully, the firemen, truck drivers, etc. were very patient and said sweet things like, "safety first, little guy". it was a fun, albeit short, morning!!!

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gtown1 said...

What a good idea--and cute kiddos you have. We are so not up to par. Walker has not ONE item of clothing with his name on it--nor has he ever. Maybe it'll happen one day soon :)
So now we need to see a post and picture of the bump! :) Gotta start giving this new baby as much blog time as your other kids you know? :)