Friday, July 25, 2008

the beginning of our st. louis visit...7.3

on july 3rd, we spent the morning with uncle andy, poppy, and mimi, ate lunch together, and then my little family headed to st. louis and my parents and andy headed to louisiana! whew! makes me tired again just thinking about all that travelling :)

for the past 2 years, my family has gotten together during the summer with the yost family. rachel and i were roommates our freshman year at slu and we have had fun letting our kids get to know each other as well. we got to st. louis in time to visit for a few hours before getting settled in at our hotel. we had dinner together and let the kids play/run wild for a while. their youngest, norah is a new addition since our last summer visit! and she is too cute for words! it was a fantastic trip! i will post pictures of our day-to-day events over the next couple of days. we had lots of great photo ops!!!

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