Monday, July 14, 2008

mops park playdate...7.2

on wednesday morning, our mops group met at cameron brown park in germantown for a ride, walk, and stroll playdate. we all brought our bikes, scooters, strollers, etc to ride around the big lake. the kids had so much fun that morning! well, except for the first 10 minutes when both sarah and drew had bad falls off of their bikes with bleeding :( most of our time was spent chasing ducks...poor ducks! our morning ended with one of drew's classmates from last year randomly showing up with a momma duck and 2 ducklings to release into the pond. all 12 of our little ones really thought it was cool to watch the ducks fly out of the box and make themselves at home in the lake...our little science lesson for the day!!! an overall fun morning!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sure brings back memories . . . you do a lot of the same things I did with Jack & Julie. It's just fun being an at-home mom! I hope you all enjoy every day! Hope you are feeling good, too! Love you all!!!
Aunt Jodie