Tuesday, July 1, 2008

sarah's super playdate...6.20

most of these pictures are self explanatory...sarah and her friend anna had a playdate on the afternoon of sarah's last day of gymnastics camp. they had so much fun and played SO WELL together! it was hilarious to watch them and listen to them (fyi...little brother slept the entire 3.5 hours anna was here)...i must have heard them say, "you are my bestest friend" a million times! and they changed princess dresses like every 5 minutes the whole time! they just moved around the downstairs from one spot to another pretending. i really enjoyed observing their little minds at work. and i didn't mind having sarah entertained so i could get some housework done either :) the last pic is of anna pouting because it was time to go home. both girls were only consoled by the promise of another get together. most afternoons sarah asks if i can call "my best friend deana" so she can talk to anna. hilarious...especially since sarah has decided to pick my bff!!! i think this was one of the first times that sarah has had a friend come over just to see her. usually, MY friends come over with THEIR kids and we all hang out. i think sarah and anna enjoyed only having one mommy looking over their shoulders!!!

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