Saturday, August 16, 2008

conleigh's 4th birthday party...7.15

just sarah and i went to conleigh's birthday party at chuck e. cheese...i thought having both kids there would be a NIGHTMARE...and i wanted sarah to be able to do what she wanted since it was her friend's party. we had a great time playing all the games. even if she wasn't so successful at them :) sarah and her friend anniston trying out a game...

sarah spent most of her time during skeeball retrieving her balls from other lanes or from the floor. the whole throwing in a straight line thing was a little over her head. as long as she didn't hit anyone...i was pretty happy!

the cutie birthday girl and sarah
conleigh and sarah "rode" this "roller coaster" looked like THE most uncomfortable thing in the world. it just jerked them around...but they were laughing and smiling the whole time!!!


Kristi said...

SArah's got great taste! I love that roller coaster at Chuckie Cheese's!! I always have to bribe Jacob to go on it with me so it looks better than me riding it by myself!!
Kristi Kavicky

Anonymous said...

I like Sarah's new haircut. It is really pretty.