Tuesday, August 26, 2008

nana's birthday celebration...8.8

we finally had a chance to get together to celebrate nana's birthday on 08.08.08...of course while watching the opening ceremony of the olympics!!! it was fun night, except for little drew who was having THE WORST NIGHT OF HIS LITTLE LIFE!!! he was mildly feverish and had 2 of his molars 1/2 broken through the skin...and he let us know about it! as you can tell from the pictures, he was royally spoiled rotten that night by his nana and aunt becky. good thing they were around...the whining was getting to this pregnant mama!!! i actually asked the kids (as they were jumping up and down on the couch), "are you just trying to drive me crazy?" sarah answered NO and drew answered YES at the same time. they were both in rare form that night. but, we still managed to enjoy our time visiting together and celebrating nana!!!

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