Friday, August 8, 2008

saying goodbye to uncle andy...7.9

on uncle andy's last morning in memphis, we were just going to have lunch with him. but, we decided at the last minute to go to the airport too. the kids were pumped to see the planes...

sarah pretending to be an airplane "just like uncle andy's"

the many hugs goodbye...

we really enjoyed our short visit with uncle andy. i think the kids wore him out :) we were able to spend time with him on monday-wednesday after he returned from louisiana with my parents and we returned from st. louis...did i mention we went to st. louis?!? the kids are still talking about the things we did with uncle andy! we are looking forward to his next visit after baby arrives! we miss you uncle andy!!!

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Anonymous said...

Kel, these pictures are awesome. WE've been having internet problems and haven't been checking much, but I got to see all these new ones. They are awesome. I love the moments that you capture in the children - awesome!
We are good - about ready for schools to start again!
Thanks for posting the pics and your comments!!!
Aunt Jodie