Monday, September 22, 2008

a mommy and drew-boo date...children's museum...9.3

a bit of explanation: this year, sarah is going to school THREE days a week, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. drew is going to school TWO days a week, tuesday and thursday. so, until baby jacob gets here in a few weeks, i am trying to do REALLY fun stuff just drew and me on wednesdays. on sarah's 2nd day of school, drew and i headed off to the children's museum with our buddies miss mary and ava for "mommy and drew's day of fun!"drew modelling the airline pilot jacket...just like poppy!

doing the flight simulator...well, playing near the flight simulator :)
fishin' with ava

the kids put on quite the little performance on stage in their costumes...ugh, those nasty ole costumes make me cringe :(

we enjoyed a gourmet lunch of domino's pizza :)
our children's museum is hosting an exhibit on curious george. drew really enjoyed having a new area to explore...
a picture of sarah before her 2nd day of school...9.3


Kristi said...

Ok, do you watch friends?? Your comment on "mommy and drew's day of fun" reminds me of Joey and Janice's day of fun!!! Sorry....that's all I could think about! =D

kelly w said...

kristi! i am a huge friends fan! i can quote almost every episode word for word. when people talk, my mind always goes to friends quotes! i am a huge friends nerd! i linked my "day of fun" comment to a friends website with the script for the episode its from. i'm glad you caught the reference without looking up the link :) tim's proposal even revolved around friends! ok...enough of my rambling.