Thursday, October 23, 2008

39 this little guy ever coming out?!?

well, its another week down and little man is still cookin'! i went to my weekly OB appointment this morning. all my vitals and his are still looking great! thankfully, dr. williams was back this week. she was SO cute when i told her about dr. austin calling her generous last week! she said he didn't know what he was know, because he has 30 years of OB experience and all!

she said i was a "solid 2" this week. but, something i had never heard before, she said that she's not concerned about my dilation because that's just a measure they use ahead of time to see if a woman is going to be able to deliver "without a c-section" or not. she said that will 2 "non c-section" deliveries (see how i'm trying to avoid saying a certain word and getting the crazies reading my blog!?!), she knows that my body knows how to dilate to deliver. interesting, huh? i mean, i know if i was like 8 cm dilated or something, i would have been sent straight to the hospital, but otherwise, she said it was pretty irrelevant. and here i was thinking all along that i was doing something great by dilating along the way...i guess every cm that i do ahead of time is one less cm that i have to accomplish while in pain/real labor!!!

so, with my due date one week away and no real sign that jacob is eager to arrive, she started talking induction...she is at the hospital where i deliver on wednesdays and fridays. next week, wednesday is the 29th and friday is THE 31ST!!! halloween! of course, when the office called the hospital, the 29th was already booked up, but the 31st was wide open! so, right now i am scheduled for an induction on friday, october 31st at!

at this point, i am praying jacob will come on his know, BEFORE halloween. i realize that whether he is born ON halloween or just the week of halloween, he will still always have an association with the holiday. you know, like my birthday being 2 days before christmas...BUT, i am seriously considering cancelling my induction for the 31st. i just don't think i can do that to a kid. i mean, if HE decides he wants to arrive on halloween, i can just tell him when he gets older that his birthday is his fault :) dr. williams did mention that she was not opposed to scheduling an induction the first wednesday of november...i know...who is this crazy woman WANTING to go past 40 weeks?!? but, couldn't jacob just decide to come on his own? hopefully? maybe?

i'm sure if anything changes, i'll let you all know! ya'll just keep praying that jacob decides when he wants to come and then GETS TO IT!!!


Kristi said...

Awe just think of the cute costume parties and hayrides and bobbing for apples you can do for Jacob's birthday parties!!

Anonymous said...

The 31st/Halloween isn't that bad... My friend Jill delivered her third little girl on 06-06-06.

Jacob's birthday will be fine. Our REAL birthday is the date we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior. An entrance date to this world is just a temporary holding date for our REAL birthday!


Colleen said...


I love you. I will be praying for you. I actually had time today to read about Sarah's birthday. Let me encourage you by saying your children will grow up and call you "blessed" because you make each day so special for them. I am so glad you are my friend. I miss you - Love, Colleen