Saturday, October 25, 2008

drew's day at the zoo...10.22

on wednesday after dropping sarah off at school, drew and i were heading out to the zoo. it was a beautiful i called mimi and told her i was kidnapping her to come with us! so, we all loaded in the van and were zoo bound! drew had a great time being the center of mommy AND mimi's attention...and only asked where sarah was about 10 million times :) once he got tired of asking where sarah was, he moved on to wondering where griffin and ava were...
we got to see the baby giraffe that was born october 10th (of course mimi and i thought that was way cooler than drew did!) and found out lots of scoop on our tram ride. drew and i had never been on the tram before...too many kids and too many wagons/strollers normally :) i was out of the loop and didn't realize one of the elephants was pregnant...23 month gestation...NO thank you!!! and i found out that the dama gazelle is the fastest land mammal, NOT the cheetah as most people think. it was a very educational day!!! we also saw a flamingo that was days old. looked like a blob of white feathers and fur sitting on the ground. but still neat-o!
we completely wore drew out...he was in a trance on the way home! when we got to the church to "release" mimi from her kidnapping, it was about 1:30, so i ran in and rescued sarah from preschool and rest time a little early. she was SO happy to see me! she is not a fan of rest time! the next morning, she asked me repeatedly if i was going to be in her classroom again that day for rest time :) so, even though it was drew's special day, sarah thought her day was pretty special too!!!
p.s. thankfully, sarah doesn't even realize what she is missing out on during her wednesdays at school. she has never even asked me what drew and i do while she is at school! the girl LOVES LOVES L-O-V-E-S preschool...she would probably choose school over zoo if given the choice anyway!!! i was just thinking it was sounding like drew got to have all the fun around here :)

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Kristi said...

I think it is GREAT that you do that with Drew!! Being the middle child myself, times with your parents are precious. Especially when you're the center of attention!! Yay Kelly!!