Monday, October 13, 2008

pop pop's birthday party...10.3

edited to add: from my blogging, it seems as though all we do in the late summer/fall is celebrate birthdays...and that really IS all we do :) between the end of july and end of september we have nana, daddy, poppy, pop pop, and sarah's birthdays!!! at the very least, we all get together for dinner for a birthday celebration, making for many many good family gatherings!!!

silly cousins...

helping pop pop blow out the candles...multiple times...
poor poor pop pop...his birthday is september 26th, 3 days before sarah's. imagine who gets the short end of the stick on THAT deal every year?!? thankfully, pop pop is more than happy to share--ok who are we kidding?--give the spotlight to sarah's big celebration :) we were able to get together at pop pop and nana's house on the friday night after sarah's week long hoopla to celebrate pop pop!!!

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