Monday, October 27, 2008

pregnancy update...

i talked to the nurse at my OB's office again today. she officially cancelled my induction scheduled for october 31st. i am going in for a regular check up on thursday, october 30th at 10:30 (you know, if i don't go into labor before then...) at which point we will schedule an induction for the next week. on thursday, i will be 40 weeks exactly. that would push jacob's birth into november. that sounds FAR away!!! the nurse said dr. williams DID stress that she would not let me go past 41 weeks...hello? i'm not crazy! its not like i'm trying to stay pregnant forever! i just wanna give the little guy a chance to make his debut in his own time!

i think i'm beginning to feel a little crazy about this whole thing regardless! i keep thinking and rethinking and rethinking everything again and again! my mind is racing all the time with all of the details of the "big" kids arrangements for our hospital stay. especially trying to get their halloween costumes ready in case someone else is dressing them and taking them to the pumpkin party. and with the crazy temperatures we have been having lately, its hard to try to pack for them when it might be 75 degrees or 40 degrees any given day. oh, well...i know it will all work out!

but, i'm not the only one stressing over baby mom told me she's not sleeping because she's dreaming she's hearing the phone ringing (with us calling to tell her to come over so we can go to the hospital in the middle of the night) and sleeping through it! and DAILY my poor friends are calling to check on me because they can't believe i'm still hanging on...i think i have a few gals worried that i really am losing it since i've cancelled my induction for this week :)

oh, i said, i know it will all eventually work itself out. don't they say patience is a virtue?!?

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Carrie said...

Maybe Mimi should just go ahead and take Sarah and Drew and keep them at her house and you could get some last minute much needed rest time and she wouldn't have to worry about missing your call thereby missing her own sleep! Just an idea from a fellow young mother with wonderful Mimi/Lilys!