Saturday, November 15, 2008

B.J. flashback #4...gbc pumpkin party...halloween...10.31

i think it took more planning to prepare for the big kids to be taken care of while tim and i were at the hospital than it did to get me, tim, and baby jacob ready to go to the hospital! between dance class, church, preschool, and halloween, i was making A LOT of lists and leaving lots of piles of clothes out for the grandmothers!

i was REALLY upset that i was going to miss halloween with the big kids...i'm sure they didn't even notice :) when tim and i headed to the hospital on halloween, nana and pop pop kept sarah and drew at our house for naptime and then the gbc pumpkin party. nana and pop pop got both the kids dressed in their halloween costumes, got them to the party, and chased them around the whole night while snapping these pictures for me!!! looks like all 4 of them had a great time! nana said the only hiccup in the whole night was when drew wanted to get his fingernails painted when sarah did :)

tim and i are extremely grateful that nana, pop pop, and mimi helped out SO MUCH when we were in the hospital...(poppy had to leave on a trip on halloween-sad!). from saturday morning on, nana and pop pop kept drew at our house and mimi kept sarah at her house--so at least no one had both kids!!! i know they were totally and completely exhausted when we took the big kids back from them...but, it was so wonderful for both tim and me to be able to give jacob a few days of undivided attention while we were in the hospital.

this post concludes the B.J. flashback series...from here on out, i will again be blogging chronologically (and in an organized, OCD fashion!!!)...

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