Wednesday, November 5, 2008

can't you guys read my mind?!?

apparently not...

so, i have unintentionally left out a lot of details about our newest family member! i am so sorry! i wasn't trying to be suspenseful or anything! ok, on to the good stuff...

was born October 31, 2008 at 5:57 pm
weighing in at 8 lbs 13 oz and measuring 21 1/2 inches long.

he was born via c-section as planned. the whole experience was very surreal. it was quick, painless, and super easy on my part. the surgery, that is...

he was smaller in weight than anticipated (although still a good size baby), but he was MUCH longer than thought. when the doctor pulled him out, the nurse anesthetist said, "oh my goodness...he's still pulling him out!"--which of course made no sense to me since i couldn't see anything. i seriously don't know how he was so squished up inside me! when i hold him to nurse him, he wraps 1/2 way around my body! he's SO long!

we were in the hospital from friday through monday. while i was there, the doctors had orders for me to wear TED hose to help with my circulation since i was bed-bound over the first night as the spinal wore off. those are the white tights on my legs that apparently looked like i was bandaged up! didn't even notice those were in the pics i posted...ya'll are very observant!

we are all doing well! as you can see from the pics, the big kids are enamoured with their little brother! they have been extra hyper the past few days. i'm sure it'll take a while for them to settle into our new routine/family of five. jacob is a sweetheart. still at the stage where he eats or sleeps all the time. he has started being awake for a few minutes every once in a while. the kids LOVE when he has his eyes open. i also got some really cute videos of the big kids singing to jacob. priceless. i will post them when i get a second.

i am feeling really really good. i know i'm only 5 days out, but as of now, i would definitely say the c-section recovery has been 10 times easier than "the other way". i am not having any incisional pain and i think i am moving around a whole lot better. i think some of it may just be the fact that its my 3rd recovery period. its less of a mystery :)

ok, i really need to be sleeping since little man is sleeping. i'll post more pictures tomorrow!!!


Kristi said...

Thank you for filling us all in!!!! I love the name! Jacob Harrison, how sweet! My Jacob is a Jacob Andrew....Hope all is well!!!!

Josh, Dianna, Grace, & Brady said...

Congrats to Kelly, Tim, Sarah, and Drew. He is precious!! Kelly, I am so glad to hear you are feeling so well. I think you look awesome!! I am on pins and needles right now...Amanda Lovell had high blood pressure yesterday, so they induced her at 6 am this morning, and it's 3 pm and still no baby. We'll see. Can't wait to meet little Jacob in person!