Thursday, December 4, 2008

jacob's sip-and-see...11.23

my sweet friends mary and amy had a sip-and-see for all of our friends to come meet baby jacob. i told them they were spoiling me rotten...its my THIRD child after all! of course they would hear nothing of that!!!
the decorations and food were divine! these girls should be professional party planners!!!
mary, me, rhonda, and nina
deana, me, and bekah
me, my mom, mrs. brister, tim's mom, and tim's sister becky
mary, me, and amy--the fabulous hostesses
me and my mom
sweet baby jacob...he slept in his carseat the whole time!
nina and me
me and donna
gelena and me
jacob made a TINY little peep and mary "rescued" him from his carseat!
alison and kacey's sweet baby cooper
rhonda and me
allison and me
kacey and me
me and alison
mary and amy opening their hostess gifts
it was WEIRD to have so many pictures taken of me...usually i'm the one behind the camera! it was a really fun afternoon! with jacob asleep the whole time, we were all able to visit for a long time...something that never happens when all the kids are around! i am blessed with REALLY sweet sweet friends!

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Kristi said...

Ok, I'm homesick for everyone in the pics!!! I would've loved to meet Jacob! Looks like a GREAT par-tay!