Monday, December 15, 2008

making christmas presents...11.29

the saturday after thanksgiving, all 5 of us loaded up and headed to paint-a-piece to make platters for nana and mimi for christmas! (they have both already received their i'm not spoiling anything! i wanted them to be able to enjoy the platters this christmas too!)

it was a HUGE undertaking...poor baby jacob did NOT like being woken up by having his hand painted while being hung upside down :)

drew was our perfect little angel...who knew 2 was a good age to do hand painting projects? i would have placed money on him being the trouble maker!

sarah was SO excited about what we were doing that she was a little too hyper for following instructions correctly!

eventually, we got all the hand prints on the platters. tim and i were a bit exhausted after that! tim loaded up the kids in the car to grab some lunch while i set out to finish decorating the platters...

anyway...the finished products...all three of them...are ADORABLE!!! i am so glad we will have this keepsake and the memories of the CRAZY time making them!!!

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Kristi said...

They turned out so gooooood!!!! We do a handprint gift every year for the grandparents. WE've done, christmas dish towels and an apron. I'm blanking on the first one we did!! But, this year I got those travel coffee mugs and put his handprint on paper and put them in there. Then filled with Snickerdoodle coffee mix. Just can't blog about it, cuz not everyone has their gift. Merry Christmas!!