Tuesday, December 9, 2008

my christmas wish came true this year!!!

oh. my. goodness! my FAVORITE restaurant in the world FINALLY made it to memphis!

i LOVE st. louis bread co. aka panera bread! i seriously ate there 3-4 times a week while i was in st. louis at st. louis university! it is heavenly! i tried to convince my dad to bring the franchise to memphis...that's how much i love it! when we go to st. louis each summer, we sometimes eat there twice a day much to tim's dismay!

the cordova restaurant opened this week (!!!) and the sign is up less than 5 minutes from my house where the collierville one is going to be built! tim actually knows the marketing manager for the memphis franchise and she said there are TWELVE restaurants being opened in memphis!!!

so, that's my christmas present this year...i don't need anything else. well, except maybe some gift cards to panera! (hint, hint!!!)


brkbll said...

Yay for you. We love Panera too, it's our post-church lunch stop every Sunday. Love their cinnamon crunch bagels and iced green tea!

Kristi said...

I WAS SO EXCITED TO SEE THEM TRANSFORMING THE ONE IN CORDOVA!!!! I'm totally with you on this excitement!!!! Where IS the one in Collierville going up?? I heard Houston Levee.....but that didn't clarify it for me!!!!

hannah said...

wooooo hooooooooo with you!!

Anonymous said...

Okay so I am going to be Debbie Downer! That srucks! Will you ever come back to visit us in St. Louis, now that you have your own Bread Co.???
--Rachel in ST. LOUIS