Thursday, January 15, 2009

visiting with friends from long ago...12.29 and 12.31

kelly, regan, colleen, elizabeth (ej), dianna, and amber
on monday night the 29th, amber hosted dinner at her beautiful home for a group of girls that i have been friends with since early high school. we all have kept in touch for almost 13 years now by email and try to get together at least once a year when everyone comes "home" to germantown. sadly, we remembered to take a picture after laura and christy had left :( there are 16 girls total who are a part of this group...we live in tennessee, texas, mississippi, alabama, louisiana, and missouri so we don't ALL get together very often. and i think we have 14 husbands, 27 kids, and 2 more babies on the way!!!
ej with walker, lucy, dianna with brady, grace, kelly with jacob, sarah, and drew...this was one of the hardest pictures to take that i have ever been a part of!!!

on friday morning, dec 31st, those who could came to my house for a playdate! tim and dianna's husband, josh were there as well as the mommies! it was mass chaos! the kids had lots of fun playing together and terrorizing each other! everyone was wiped out after playing so hard! it was so great to get to see "the next generation" playing!!!

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