Monday, January 12, 2009

wood family christmas...12.26

cousin emily and andy being SO cool :)
the "big" cousins...emily, kelly, joanna, and andy (we were missing michael-boo!)
all the first cousins...jack, emily, kelly, joanna, andy, and julie (again, no michael)
being silly!!!
what could be more fun for a two year old than playing with toothpicks!?! do not try this at home...
julie was SO sweet helping little drew open his presents...

sweet emily was nice enough to paint sarah's nails IMMEDIATELY upon sarah opening her present containing nail polish...of course, mommy had just painted her nails the day before :)
savannah was NOT happy that she wasn't sitting by sarah...
attempting to get a picture of all 5 great grand kids together...drew showing off the finer side of his personality :) 7 hours in the car and no nap definitely brings out his best!!!
don't jacob and samantha jo look so comfortable? drew "holding" (and i use that term loosely) jacob, savannah holding sj, and sarah
a little better? maybe?
we saved poor baby jacob from his torture and tried just the other kids a few more times...
the whole gang...minus michael, heath, and steve
we had a wonderful time visiting with the wood family...although the time always passes too quickly! my family of 5 got on the road at about 11:00am the day after christmas and made it to madisonville, louisiana about 5:30pm. it was a LONG drive!!! the big kids were amazingly well behaved...and baby jacob barely made a peep! but, the exhaustion/hyperactivity hit at uncle rick's for sure!!! but, i'm still so so glad we made the trip to get to see our family!

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