Monday, February 16, 2009

good diaper deal...

although we only have one in diapers again after a 2 month stint with drew AND jacob in diapers for november and december, you know i can't pass up a good deal...

i always check out baby cheapskate to see if i am missing out on any wonderful sales on baby/kid products...its where i learned about the britax carseat sale, the flip sale, and several other things involved in nursing that i won't go into details about :)

right now, is running a special on diapers...

the plain ole sale price is so-so on jumbo sized packs of huggies and pampers...but wait!!!

if you buy pampers, there is a $1.00 off coupon you can use right on the website.

plus, if you are a first time buyer from, you can enter the code "KELL4071" to get TEN DOLLARS OFF your order.

if you spend $49, you receive free shipping!

AND, as if all that weren't enough...there is a form you can print off of their homepage to get a free subscription to parents magazine OR the price of the magazine in a refund/rebate!

so, in my case, i ordered 5 jumbo packs of size 2 pampers swaddlers.

regular price: $14.39 (according to their site)
sale price: $10.99x5 packages (to qualify for the free shipping and magazine offer)
-$1 off coupon for pampers
=$43.95 at checkout + $14.97 back in refund= an amazing $28.98 for 5 packs of diapers!!!

that's 200 diapers at 14 cents a piece!!! great deal!!!

just wanted to pass this along to my friends with kids in diapers! we can't ever save enough money on diapers!!!


BJ and Andrea said...

Thanks Kelly - I think I might buy some swaddlers to stock up!!!

Amanda Savage said...

Kelly, you rock my world! I'll be visiting right after I get Cooper from school - I have 2 in diapers for a good long time! Love it!