Sunday, February 22, 2009

splish splash...2.9

after getting super dirty playing outside, we all headed inside and went STRAIGHT to mimi's big bathtub...i put a little shampoo in with the water to make a few bubbles...then, i turned on the whirlpool jets...

let's just say, there were bubbles everywhere! the kids had so much fun playing in the tub AND having bubbles! it was a special treat to have a bath as they usually shower at home...they both have such thick hair, its tough to get all the shampoo out in the tub...

poor little drew didn't really know how to take a bath...he was squatting forever before i could convince him to sit down in the tub. poor deprived child :)

i think that this monday was a super day in my kids' books...great grandparents in town, lots of sunshine and outside time, AND a fun bubble bath! what more could you ask for?!?

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