Sunday, March 15, 2009

snow day!...2.28

i told you we had SNOW!!! a few hours after we got home from drew's party, it started snowing...and snowing...and snowing some more! we ALL took a good nap that afternoon since we were so tired from playing so hard, and when we woke up it was a winter wonderland!!!

after we ate some leftover pizza from the party, we bundled up and headed outside! the kids wanted their umbrellas since the snow was still coming down! i finally convinced them that umbrellas aren't necesary in the snow :) my poor little kids don't know how to play in the snow! it usually only snows 1 or 2 times a year here! (not that i knew what snow was growing up either!) neither of them wanted to stay out long and it was getting pretty dark, so we headed into the garage to de-bundle!!! there were LOTS of loads of laundry that weekend :)

since i had napped, i was up really late that night...the last time i looked outside around 2 am, it was STILL coming down!

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