Friday, April 10, 2009

the biggest and BEST playdate ever...3.24.09

on tuesday, march 24th, amy and i hosted a CAbi show for our friend and fashion guru, mary. we had the show during preschool hours so jacob and one other little girl (ann lawson) were the only kids.

then, we decided to get c.r.a.z.y! all the families came BACK after preschool pickup! it was so much fun! at one point, there were NINETEEN kids playing in our backyard. (i had said 18 on facebook, but i forgot one...can't imagine why?!?) we ended up getting little caesar's pizzas for dinner and feeding all the kids on the floor.

mary and amy got to my house at 9:30 that morning, and the last people left at 10:30 that night! it was a DAY. but, we all had a blast. we didn't have any fussing or fighting or injuries, so i count it as a HUGE success! i think all the kids were too overwhelmed to misbehave :)

sweet baby jacob was a TROOPER! he hung out with us all day. and barely made a peep!

i LOVE days like that...when its all totally unplanned and ends up being the most fun.

i don't know if ya'll know this about me (wink.wink.), but i'm a little obsessive-compulsive and anal. PLANNING events stresses me out and causes me to lose sleep. seriously. but, when opportunities happen upon us, its always so fun and easy! i would have planned for WEEKS had i know that many people would have been at my house for that long. but, it STILL went off without a hitch with NO planning.

do you think i learned a lesson? you would think...but, i'm sitting here now at 2:25 a.m. writing this post because i have stress induced insomnia about having easter lunch at our house. hmmm...

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Nina Riethmaier said...

AMEN to the no-planning. Call any time at the last minute and I will meet you at the park with Sonic! Come by the house whenever, b/c then I will have an excuse for a dirty house!