Sunday, April 19, 2009

even steven easter egg dyeing...4.7

we had easterpalooza at our house on the 7th...we came home from school and colored eggs.

it took me twice as long to set up as it took the kids to dye the eggs. i had to make sure EVERYTHING was exactly the same, but separated for sarah and drew.

sweet little man slept through his first chance at an egg dyeing experience :)

after the kids did their thing with the eggs, we got out the easter cards to decorate for family. sarah was VERY into making each card just right...drew, notsomuch. he was much more concerned with watching tv. shocking, i know...

we had a great time and the kids were worn out by dinnertime. perfect!!!


gtown1 said...

Wow--can you tell me the secret for wearing good clothes and not getting them dirty while dyeing easter eggs...I'm muy impressed....I know Walker would have the dye everywhere. That's why I decided to wait one more year so he could really appreciate what was going on! :)

Way to go Mama Kelly!

Nina Riethmaier said...

ditto with the dye on clothing thing!!!

PS the feedjit thing kind of creeps me out!!