Sunday, April 26, 2009

sarah's preschool easter party...4.9

sarah is currently OBSESSED with her friend anna leigh. they have been having weekly playdates. and are completely inseparable at preschool. (they go to church, school, and dance class together!)

well, on the day of sarah's easter party, as i was dressing her, she asked if anna leigh could wear the same dress as her to school. little fashionista that she is, she knew anna leigh had the same dress since she had worn it to church.

so, i called miss amy to ask if that was ok. of course she said YES!!! so, sarah and anna leigh got to wear the same dress and they were OH SO HAPPY!

the party was lots of fun! the kids really enjoyed being outside on such a nice day!

i am so glad i'm able to be a part of sarah's preschool days. i am getting really emotional already about sarah going to kindergarten in TWO years.

i know. i'm pathetic. i have a whole 'nuther year but i'm already stressing about it. i don't want my sweet baby girl to be at school all the time! okay, i'll stop myself before i get all worked up again :)

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