Wednesday, May 27, 2009

mother's day and baby jacob's dedication...5.10

mimi and her little boy...SO happy to have him home with us on mother's day!
doesn't drew look thrilled?...he is such a little punk when we try to get him to smile for the camera these days! we were SO glad to have nana and pop pop with us this sunday too!
sweet little man getting a little snack before heading into the worship service...gotta be on our best behavior!!!
baby BOY jacob wearing the same gown that big sister and big brother wore for their mother's day dedications...
jacob was the STAR baby...pastor hal asked miss sandy which baby he should hold in the service and she said jacob was the most laid back baby she knew :) so, jacob walked around with hal for a few minutes...miss sandy's OWN grandchild was dedicated that morning too! a special morning!
it was a very great morning! we made it through the dedication portion of the ceremony with no tears and no stains on our clothes...and then we all headed to our house for a great, relaxing lunch and lazy afternoon. it was a great way to celebrate mother's day!!!

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