Monday, May 25, 2009

ocho de mayo and a HUGE surprise...5.8

we were going to have a typical cinco de mayo party on tuesday night with our friends the jenkins, herringtons, and yorks, but mac is travelling right now during the week for work, so we postponed to friday night...and coined the party excuse..."ocho de mayo".
the kiddos played outside and inside to their hearts content and the adults enjoyed a relaxing evening of conversations that didn't involve "why?" being asked every other second!
sarah donned her mexican best for the occasion! hat and dress courtesy of mimi and poppy!
drew "fixed" the bounce house while griffin looked on...
all the kiddos lined up eating their hot dog dinners...fine dining as usual!!!
sarah and daddy being silly!

the huge surprise? uncle andy came home for mother's day weekend! mom and i had NO clue it was all going down...apparently we both shed a few tears when we first saw him! after surprising mom and having dinner with mom and dad, andy headed over to our house to surprise me too!!! it was a great way to start the weekend!
little jacob was easily entertained sitting in his high chair watching all the chaos!
amy and alison being silly!
the kids all took a spin on the elliptical...guess its good that SOMEBODY is using it :)
tim invited our neighbors over...we quickly made donna wear the sombrero!!!
drew had a boo-boo and miss mary made it all better!
all of us sitting outside enjoying the mild temperatures! it was such a perfect night!
we started our fun filled evening around 5 pm, so we were all tired out by 10 pm! we were such babies!!! we kept thinking it was SOOOOO late, but it really wasn't! uncle andy made the observation that my friends and i were REALLY old. he based this on the fact that all the moms got in the kitchen and cleaned for 20 minutes before they left! ha! i just think that's having good friends!!!

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Kristi said...

First off, I'd love to see the bounce house up....I think we have the same one! Secondly, I think I'm skipping the gym and coming to your house. Jacob can play and I can work out! :D