Tuesday, May 19, 2009

somebody's getting rice cereal...4.30

jacob was really excited to sit in the high chair "like a big boy"...he kept banging on the tray and laughing! (notice the lack of bib...we really had to re-educate ourselves on feeding!)
of course, this first rice cereal eating extravaganza was a family affair...everyone took a turn feeding little man...
mommy first...
drew next...(look how wide open jake's mouth is!)
then sarah...(who was having a FIT that jacob was soooo messy. she kept running to get wet wipes for us to clean him up...it took multiple feedings of cereal before she calmed down about the messiness!!!)
and, finally daddy...
he was so happy!
and messy!
until the cereal was all gone...
oh, wait! pacie makes it all better!!!
i was such a rebel and fed jacob rice cereal on the 30th of april. his birthday is really confusing me. its the 31st. and not all months have 31 days. so, he hasn't had all his month-birthdays! you know? like, he was 6 months old on april 31st...but that doesn't exist!?!

i know its silly, but i like to have the 31st!!! anyway...i was going to wait til may 1st to feed him cereal, but daddy convinced me to let the poor child have something other than milk...

you know, on his possibly one-day-early-but-who-really-knows-because-there-are-only-30-days-in-april-6-month-birthday!!!

its obvious that jake was as happy as a lark to get that spoon in his mouth!!!

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