Monday, June 29, 2009

goodbye for just a little while...5.25

sarah was in a random "let's take my picture with EVERYONE mood" on the morning that we said goodbye to the mcvea's...we were super excited because we would rejoin with the mcvea's at the beach in a few weeks!!!

(yes, poppy, THIS is my new favorite picture of you and sarah!!!)

can't get enough of the bonding times between jacob and jacob...
uncle chip had LOTS of quality time with the little man during their visit...jacob LOVED it!!!

the women were all fascinated with this chip with a perfect circle in the middle of it...the men thought it was WAY stupid that we thought it was WAY cool :) (and i told everyone i was gonna put a picture of it on my blog!!!)
this is were drew was during the attempts of a group pic...same song, different verse...
look how well everyone else did?!?
where's drew?
oh, there he is!!!
our final attempt...
aunt annie getting ONE last smooch!!!

i was just trying to get a cute shot of mimi and drew...THEN i realized a flag was in the background and it was memorial day! so this is my official MD picture :)
after the mcvea's left, everyone was SO heartbroken that we all had to pile up in mimi's bed for a little r&r...

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