Monday, June 8, 2009

oh goodness...5.18

mimi had sarah spend the night with her after her dance recital so that they could go shopping together in the morning for some "jewelry" at claire's...

as you can image, sarah was IN HEAVEN browsing the awesome finds at claire's.

and also as you can image, mimi did not say no to anything sarah was eyeing :)

sarah scored this "amazing" hannah montana outfit and all the rockin' accessories you see in the pictures...

sarah was SO SO proud to show off her purchases for me...and she has been wearing her ensemble from the second she wakes up until i force her to take it off to donn her precious little girlie clothes that she MUST wear to match her little brothers :)

p.s. sarah asked me today, why did God give me two little brothers? when do i get to have a sister?

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Kristi said...

so are you working on that sister for her?