Monday, July 6, 2009

eating lunch with our friends...5.31

one sunday after church, when mimi and poppy were out of town, tim and i took the kiddos to lunch with several friends at our new fave...russo's.

we ended up with 4 families and NINE children. 8 of those kids were 4 or under! 3 were triplets! poor russo's!

everyone was actually VERY well behaved...

and the kids had fun playing together while the adults were able to get a few words in...

thankfully, everyone was very tired after all the fun and took great sunday afternoon naps...mommy and daddy included!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for always having something for me to see about you guys, almost every day, except when you are on vacation, which made me sad, but anyway, thanks!!!

Aunt Jodie

Anonymous said...

. . . and mimi and poppy weren't just "out of town", they were at OUR HOUSE!!!!! It was awesome!!!

Aunt Jodie