Saturday, July 25, 2009

hangin' in the minivan after swim lessons...6.3

love the above picture of the kids...look at ava's "i'm too cool for this pic" face :)
the kiddos being silly!
jake just chilling, chewing on his toy, oblivious to the craziness going on behind him :)
after swim lessons on wednesday, mary and i were trying to decide if we were going to caravan to sonic for ice cream cones or all the kids piled in the back of the van to watch movies.

these pictures are so funny to me...first of all, the back seat of my van is NOT big. the space that sarah and ava are occupying is T.I.N.Y.

also, drew looks completely naked. he has on his swimsuit, but you seriously can't see it!!!

i'm so happy my big kids have such fun friends which with to do such mundane things like sitting in the back of a van...

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Alisa Berteau said...

You scared me with that other ticker on your page. I had to look twice before I realized it wasn't a baby ticker!!! Enjoy your trip! :)