Wednesday, July 29, 2009

our travels to the beach...6.12 and 6.13

what a wild wild week we had! the second week we had swim lessons was also vacation bible school week! AND as soon as vbs ended on friday, we jumped in the van to head to the beach!
we were totally cracking up at drew with his leg crossed reading the "paper"...where does he get this stuff? we don't even get the paper...
this is pretty much what sweet jake did the whole way to florida...just played and looked out the window...he isn't much for the long naps in the carseat, but at least he didn't fuss!!!
we split the trip down into 2 days. uncle andy was in montgomery, alabama for 4 weeks for some military training thingy, so we met up with him on friday night for dinner. the next morning, we hit the road again to get to seacrest beach, florida to start our real vacation!!!
the above pic is once we could see the beach...the kids were a L.I.T.T.L.E. bit excited about it!!!
jake was excited to be there too! notice all the messiness on his chin, pacie, and shirt...what a boy!

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