Monday, July 27, 2009

surprise parents' day at swim lessons...6.10

for the first time in our 3 year history of swim lessons, there was some inclement weather during the two weeks of our session...
since the forecast was questionable for thursday, the ever important parents' day at swim lessons, miss aggie invited the parents to watch on wednesday just in case the weather didn't cooperate on thursday! how sweet!
thankfully, i had my ever present "diaper bag camera" and my flip available to document the event...
if i had known i was going to be taking so many pictures, i would have put a little more thought into the kids' swimsuits and hairdos :)
isn't it completely horrible that their swimsuits don't match :)
the kids had so much fun showing off their new found swimming skills. this was drew's first year to take. both the kids are fearless in the water...
even with the last minute notice, mimi and poppy were able to run over to be a part....we are so blessed to have them close by and always on call for grandchild centered events!

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