Saturday, August 22, 2009

taylor's wedding at water color...6.20

we were fortunate that all things aligned and we were able to coordinate being in florida as a family while andy could come...
while the mcvea's could come...
and while taylor was getting married!!!
taylor's wedding was absolutely beautiful! i had never been to a beachside wedding and it was breathtaking!!!
have i mentioned that jake was teething the whole time we were at the beach? poor little guy just was not himself and did not sleep well the whole week! boo!
so jake crashed the wedding with mommy and daddy!!!
he was as happy as a clam to have the undivided attention of his parents and most of their friends!!!
during the reception, we ended up with an unofficial "kids" area inside the resort. it was still so hot and humid outside even at 9pm!!!
jake and a few other little ones enjoyed a scrumptious meal of puffs and cheerios straight off the floor! ewww!!!
the little guy was a real trooper. he napped on the way to the wedding...
and crashed in mommy's arms at the reception...we had a wonderful time and were so glad we got to spend such a special day with the williams family!!!

(p.s. thanks mimi, poppy, and every one else for watching sarah and drew for us!!!)

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