Friday, September 18, 2009

an afternoon at mud island...7.25

after our fun trolley ride, we headed to mud island!
we rode the tram across the river to the island...

once we arrived on mud island, we immediately headed into the cafe to grab a snack!

then we headed to the river model to get soaking wet!!!
i didn't have a good grasp on how wet the kids would get...we didn't bring swimsuits!

little man sleeping in his stroller...
yes, drew sat down in the water. why not?!?
when drew, jake, and i caught up with big kids, they were swimming in the "gulf of mexico"...fully dressed. why not?!?

it was by far, one of the coolest things the kids have ever done (according to them!)...

walking back the trolley stop...all the kids were drenched! and so tired from playing so hard all day!!!

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Kristi said...

that is total motivation to go see mud island!