Wednesday, September 9, 2009

gbc family fun night...7.10

our church held the coolest event. it was a night for families to come hang out in the faith building. sounds amazing, right? but, seriously. it was great.

they had a huge movie screen playing one of the ice age movies in one room. they had all the toddler play equipment set up in another room. and they had a room set up with ping pong tables, wiis on a couple of tv's, and a few other older kid things in one room. and they had pizza, drinks, popcorn, and all the candy a child could ever dream of!!!

the part that made me call it one of our best family nights ever, though was just the location! we were all in the faith building, with no chance of the kids escaping! the kids all ran around to their little hearts content while the adults got to visit and take occasional head counts!!!

it wasn't stressful like being in a huge public place where you are constantly on edge about your children annoying strangers. you didn't have to worry about your kids falling into a lake. you didn't have to worry about your kids getting too deep into the pool. you didn't have to worry about your kids running too far away at the zoo. you get the was perfect!

we are looking forward to many more of these fun evenings in our future!!!

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alicia harrison said...

That does sound perfect!!! Glad yall had a great time:)